problems with output


In my experiment, i check the reactions times of subjects on different stimulus.

When i checked the reactions times in the output file (with excel), the column of reaction time got all messed up - it gives me the same long number all the time

Iv’e checked the “Reset RT timer” box.

Iv’e attached a file so you can see for your self.

What am i doing wrong?


SuperLab Data File.txt (15.6 KB)

Wow! Does it do this every time you run the experiment? What version of SuperLab 4 are you using? Are you running on Mac OS X or on Windows?

my Exp’

Hi Hank,

Thank you for responding.

Im running version 4.03 on windows XP.

Iv’e attached my Exp’ file this time.


tomer (705 KB)

I’ve now run this experiment several times on both OS X and Windows under SuperLab 4.0.3 without any apparent problems. Have you had this problem more than once? Have you had this problem on more than one computer? Do you have this problem if you use a different input method other than the keyboard?