Problems with macro


We’re running an experiment in which participants perform a perceptual decision task. It’s self-paced (and it is necessary that it would stay that way), and supposed to present a “thank you for your participation” event, and stop after 20 minutes since the beginning of the experiment.

We defined a macro in every block (there are 15): the program is to check whether time is equal or greater than 1200000 ms, and then present the event and exit the experiment.

The problem is that sometimes the program just stops and shuts down (after variable times. It happened after 10 minutes and after 16 minutes), and it doesn’t save the output. It doesn’t happen every time, and when it doesn’t the program run to the end and doesn’t stop after 20 minutes.
Where did we went wrong and why the program crashes down?

Thank you so much!

It would be beneficial if you made a copy and set the macros to have shorter delays. This way, it will be much easier to debug.