Problems when 'save data' is on


I’ve programmed an experiment in which one of the events (per trial) is ended after a correct response (a key release) by the participant. When I am not saving the data it seems to run fine, but when I check the ‘save data’ box at the beginning I run into problems. Specifically, the experiment stops running on the event that is ended by a key release. It seems to not register the key release (or at least it does not recognise it as the input that ends the event).

Any idea why this is happening? (I am using Superlab 4.5)


This sounds odd and more like a coincidence. I’ll contact you via private message to discuss on the phone.

Thanks for sending me the experiment.

To fix the issue, you need to turn Off the option Wait until the key is released. The reason is that turning this option On will also enable the other option, Ignore the key release, which is not what you want.

The “v” response that you already created as a key release response should be all you need.