Problems about showing Japanese text on the screen

Dear all,

I’m trying to show instructions in Japanese but having two problems.

(1) Text does not wrap even when I set the maximum text width to be “Screen edge” in “Text Settings” (under “Position” tab.)

(2) The upper part of Japanese characters (but not alphabets) is missing. This happens only for the first line. All Japanese characters are fully displayed after the first line.

If anyone knows how I can solve these problems, I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you very much!

Dear Yuki,

We have done a total rewrite of the SuperLab presentation engine. This is the part of the software that handles drawing pictures and text, as well as accepting input. The rewrite has resolved several issues related to displaying Asian fonts. This changes are part of the just released SuperLab 6 beta.

Please try the new SuperLab 6. If you run into any difficulties or bugs, this is a perfect time to let us know (with a screen snapshot and the experiment).


Thank you very much for your quick reply, Hisham.

I clicked on “SuperLab 6 beta” in your message and opened the following page:

but what gets downloaded is “superlab-5.0.5.dmg” (I use a Mac computer). Is this what I’m supposed to be downloading? I run this version (5.0.5) on my Mac. If there is a version 6 I could use, I would like to try it.

Thank you very much for your help.


Sorry about the oversight. The download link has been fixed.

I downloaded the beta version and the two problems have been solved. Thank you very much!!

When I opened the file, the window came up saying the experiment was created on a Windows computer, although it was created on a Mac computer. I hope this will not be a problem as I actually start running the experiment.