problem with the feedback feature

Im building an experiment that includes blocks, trials and events. some of them must get feedback when the answer is not correct. some of the blocks work fine while other are not and then when i close them it shows an error massage no. -9985.
i would be gratefull if you could help me with that issue.
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notes: in the attached experiment, the block “shiput” is not working with the feedback while the block “hafaka” does work well.
the “7” bottun reffers to- “yes”, and “5” reffers to- “no”.

session1hamam.sl4 (66.5 KB)

If you send your experiment as an Experiment Package this will allow us to run the experiment. Without doing an experiment package the stimulus files you use will not be sent within the experiment. Due to your files being in a different alphabet, if you can save your experiment as a .tgz file this will make it easier for us to convert. When you go to the File menu within SuperLab, and choose Create Experiment Package, you will see this as a file type to save the package as.

thank you for your reply
i’v attached it now as you told me

session1hamam.tgz (17.9 MB)

Thank you for attaching your experiment. Can you tell me if there is a specific block that this happens on? Any specifics on what you are doing prior to getting the error message will help. Also, do you think there is anyway you can take a screenshot of the exact error message and post it?

thank you for your help
it happens only in the “shiput” block. im attaching a picture showes axactly what appears on the screnn
thank you, tamar


The Error Code -9985 is happening because the trial named “shiput” contains too many events (30 events). SuperLab works best when each trial has only a few of events (such as cue + picture1 + picture2 + ISI + response-target). Typically only one event per trial should be intended to collect a response.

Using a Stimulus List SuperLab can easily do the work of generating 30 trials. You can create one stimulus list, and SuperLab will do the rest when you run the experiment.
The attached example experiment demonstrates how to create the experiment using a stimulus list.

The experiment can still use Feedback, as you will see in this demo file.

Two important things to keep in mind about how to change the “shiput” block to use a Stimulus list is:

1. With stimulus lists, you do not want to use randomization in the [B]Trial Editor[/B]. Instead, please go to the [B]Block Editor[/B] and choose "randomize the trials in this block" 

2. Since there is only one event attached to the "shiput" trial, the [B]Correct Response[/B] tab of the [B]Event Editor[/B] works a little differently. On the [B]Correct Responses[/B] tab you need to go through every individual "wav" file in the list and indicate what is the correct response for each file.

session1hamam_stimlist.sl4 (16.9 KB)

Thank you very much!
ill try to do it as you told me
i appreciate your help,

Just to clarify, SuperLab does not impose an arbitrary limit on the number of events per trial that you can have. In your case, your experiment ran into trouble because it uses a lot of audio and video. These take time to load from disk and typically use a lot more memory than text or pictures.

Nevertheless, it is a bad idea to include too many events per trial. A typical pattern for a trial consist of a presentation and a participant’s response, where a presentation consists of a cue and one or more stimuli. To repeat the pattern, one should be creating a new trial instead of adding more events to the same trial.

Hello again
i’v made a stimulus list as you suggested and now its working great- thank you
now i need to use picture that match each sound file that are in the list. is it possible? i have read in the manual and it gives an example for a single event- but in my experimrnt there’s an event which includes a lot of stimulus
Thank you for your help!

Thank you for the feedback. In regards to your question, the link below will help explain how this works.

I saw the link but didnt manage to open the experiment attached there
is it nesecery to use a code value?
i’m attaching the experiment:
now i have 2 lists, one for audio and one for pictures- i want them to be together and that the response of the participant will also give the feedback and also move the the next stimuli of the two lists
the 2 lists i want to pair are:
learning list, and pictures repeated. both of them are attached to the trial and block “learn”

thanks again

session1hamam.tgz (18.6 MB)

Linking both the “learn” event and the “pictures repeated” event to the same trial is a great start. When I run the “learn” block, I hear one sound, then I see one picture. Then another sound, then another picture.

So far, SuperLab is pairing one sound with one picture, and everything is behaving as normal according to your current setup. What is your specific question? You mentioned feedback but neither of the events in the “learning” block have feedback right now.

It is working as you said but my problem is that the sound is not matching the picture.
In the stimulus list, the order of the audio items match the picture items (for example- picture no.1 match audio no.1), but when I run the trial, the items of the audio and pictures dont match (for example audio no.1 will go with picture no.3). In addition, I need it randomized (meaning each running of the trial gives differnt order of the pairing items)
hope i was cleer enough…
thank you,

its working!!!
thank you very much