Problem with the evaluation version

I am trying to evaluate superlab, however after I install it and try to use it it sais that my trial period has expired. I find that strange since I don’t remember installing superlab on my PC before.

We can get more information through the License Manager itself:

C:\Program Files\SuperLab 4.0\License Manager.exe

Once License Manager is open, click “Phone/Email License.” What does it say for your “STATUS?”

It sais evaluation expired

It sais licence expired, but this is what i find strange, how could it be? I have tried it on 3 operating systems and i have the same message in every system.

Is that three operating systems on the same computer or three separate computers?

The license status will survive a format, and it should be consistent in multiple operating system installations on the same machine. Therefore, if you ran the demo, it expired, and then at some point later, you format and reinstall, the demo will still have been expired. If the demo expired in one OS, it expires in all.

Also, the licensing software doesn’t particularly like if the date is changed while you are in demo mode.

I have 3 operating systems on 1 computer

Then I suppose that I have probably installed SuperLab in one of these OS’s at somepoint. It could be that I did install superlab several months ago when version 4 just came out but I am not sure.

I have spoken to a couple of colleagues and they told me that they did not have problems on their mashines. It could be that if I try a different computer alltogether it may work. But I sent this message wondering if it is computer spesific. I.E. there is something wrong with my computer e.g. firewall which could interfere with the temporary activation. Or if i should expect an email from cedrus with a temporary activation code when I download the program (there is a spesific question requiring email address prior download).

But I assume that my new task at the moment is to find a different PC.

Thank you for your time.