problem with repeated trials

Hi. I’m making a change blindness paradigm in which a participant views a series of 4 events in each trial. If they respond correctly within the series of events, they move on to the next trial. If they don’t respond, the trial needs to repeat itself. I can get Superlab to do this using the feedback feature, however, there seems to be a several-second lag between the 4th event and the 1st event in the repeated trial, like it’s taking a while to re-load the trial. I need the presentation to be seamless. Any ideas?



What’s the maximum repetition? One approach would simply be to make the trial contain a multiple of the four events, up to the maximum, and end the trial when a response occurs.

Greg Shenaut

Hi Jennifer,

Is the delay that you’re experiencing when a trial is repeated also happening when the trial is first presented as well? Also, which version of SuperLab are you using?