Problem with presenting stimuli twice instead of once

It’s my second time this month that I turn to you. Hopefully, you’ll be familiar with my experiment. Unfortunately, I have another problem with another group in the experiment. In this group, the “Exposure part” of the animals need to appear only once, but instead it appears twice in a row. Please note that I marked that the exposure will be displayed randomly. When I run only the part of the “Exposure” - six animals appear as it should be (each animal once). However, when I run the entire experiment, or a few parts of it- the animals appear twice.
In addition to that, I have a question regarding the Excel output in the production task (SV-1 key).
In the output attached to this mail, in rows 34-39 , you can see that there are a number of possible response times of a given production. Is the response time marked “SC” (row 39) is an artifact? What is the correct response time that I should take?
Thank you,

I can’t upload my experiment through this site, and will be glad to send it through the mail as I’ve done this before.

I just wanted to say, happily, that I’ve managed to solve the problem with the multiple presentations in the “Exposure part”. Anyhow, I will be glad if you’ll be able to help me regarding the Excel output.
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Thank you for sending the data file directly. From looking at the data file you can see that the trial and the event is ongoing. The event is ongoing due to some setting on the event. Either the event is waiting for a correct response, or else it ends only on a time limit.

The ‘SC’ stands for ‘Self Correct’, since the response got corrected from pressing the “y” key to the SV-1 Voice.