Problem with movie feedback

In my experiment I have 12 randomized trials and feedback for “correct response”, for “incorrect response” and for “no response”. I’m having a trouble with presenting simultaneously visual feedback (movie+ picture) and audio feedback for the “incorrect response”. The first and the second trials (each time different trials are presented, as the trials are randomized) present the feedbacks correctly for the “incorrect response”. However the 3-12 trials present only the picture feedback and the audio feedback, missing the movie feedback (for the “incorrect response”). I must note that I’ve tried to activate each trial separately and while doing so- all the feedbacks appeared correctly.
In addition, I’m having a similar problem for the feedback of “no response”. When the participant does not response a visual (movie+picture) and an audio feedback are supposed to appear. However, these feedbacks do appear in the first and second trials, but not in 3-12 trials. In the latter trials only the picture+audio feedbacks appear, missing the movie feedback.
In both of the problems above I’ve tried to change the position of the picture (in the picture settings), but it didn’t resolve the problems. I’ve also tried to restart my computer, and checked that all the audio+movie+picture files are exiting in the “event editor” and in their files.
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