Problem achieving %correct criterion

I have been struggling for a while now trying to get a macro to work that will calculate % of correct responses to meet a criterion for progressing to the next block of an experiment. I have attached a cut down version of the experiment I am working on. Essentially it presents a number of coloured stimuli and, during the learning phase, the participant has to click the mouse in one of two boxes. Feedback tells them which box is correct. I have used codes for each trial ( ‘correct’ or ‘wrong’). So far I have managed a block level expression which waits until 8 correct responses in a row are achieved before the participant can progress to the next block. However, what I am really looking for is 80% correct (in total) before moving to the next block i.e. the participant shouldn’t have to have all the correct responses occurring consecutively before moving to the next block (this is important as, in later stages of the experiment they will have to look at a larger number of stimuli and I don’t want e.g. one error towards the end of several correct responses to make the whole block repeat again).
The ‘80% correct’ macro I have tried to use was based on one using ‘number of trials with subset, etc.’ This worked with the basic numbers but doesn’t behave the same when using the percentage of trials option. Please can you tell me where I am going wrong.

RPM example (144 KB)

On the experiment you sent us the macro you created was not checked. You should be aware of the interaction between your expression in the “When to Run” tab and your macro. I would recommend using only one or the other. If you want to look at 80% correct in total, you should not be limiting the subset to the last 10 trials.

Hi Monika
I have tried what you suggested but with no luck.
I then tried setting up my experiment with 10 separate trials attached to 1 block and just used my 80% correct macro with the expression "Percentage of Trials presented in this block is Greater Than 80% of Total Trials (Trials marked with code “Answer” equal to “Correct”). It still doesn’t actually calculate the 80% correct criterion as I either just get the 10 trials (even if they were responded to incorrectly) or, if I set the “If False” expression to “Repeat Current Block”, the programme runs and runs even if all the responses are correct.
Do you have a Demo experiment using a % correct criterion during a learning phase or something similar so that I can see what the precise combination of expressions in the Block and Macro editors are? At present I am still stumped!!