Prevent too many TRUE or FALSE answers in a row?

We have a pool of 50 questions that have a TRUE or FALSE answer. We are displaying these questions in a random order. Is there a way to prevent more than four TRUE or FALSE questions in a row? We want to limit the number of questions that have a TRUE answer to no more than four in a row.

Try using tag sets, counter parameters, and When to Present options:

  • place those 50 questions into a stimulus list

  • present them randomly

  • tag the stimulus list items as TRUE or FALSE

  • set trial rules to increment a counter if a TRUE item is presented

  • in the When to Present tab, only present the trial when the counter is less than 4

I’m not sure how to use stimulus lists as we are ‘recycling’ items between questions and each question is constructed using four different events. Each question displays a focus point, then an image, then a blank screen, then a second image, and then waits for user input. I couldn’t figure out how to use stimulus lists in this way,

When using stimulus lists, the events are ‘recycled’ by default. Just link your image events to the proper stimulus lists and SuperLab will do the rest. Take a look at the experiment I’ve attached for a similar example. It is composed of four events:

Focus Point -> Text 1 -> Blank Screen -> Text 2.

The Text 1 and Text 2 events are linked to stimulus lists. At the end of a trial, the sequence is repeated except the Text 1 and Text 2 stimuli are different.

pairedStimLists.sl5 (4.79 KB)

Thanks! That made it much easier to understand linking stimulus lists. Now, I’m trying to figure out the limiting of consecutive TRUE and FALSE answers… I’ll be back if I can’t figure it out. :slight_smile: