Press key twice and audio stimuli in left or right loudspeaker

I plan to conduct a experiment which is about Stimulus and Response Correspondence Effects.Here is the procedure, firstly, a screen message instructed participants to start the next event by pressing the home key(the 5 key on the keyboard’s numerical pad) and to keep this key pressed .Next,one or two tones appeared in low or high pitch in either the left to right loudspeaker.One group of participants was instructed to press the right key(the 4 key on the keyboard’s numerical pad)twice to high-pitch tone.

Here are my questions:
1.The experiment must need the participants press the right key twice to the response.Is that possible to do this by using Superlab?Because the response setting of SuperLab seems allow a single key press or key release only.
2.How to present the audio stimuli in either the left or right loudspeaker?

For presenting tones on either the left or right loudspeaker, you need to create a stereo sound file, where you would leave one track empty (silent) and the other track would contain the audio stimulus. When you play it in SuperLab, output will come from only one speaker. This gives you the control you need.

For having the participants press the right key twice, you can create a second event to capture the second key press. This second event will need a time limit.

Thank you,Hisham.Your suggestion help me a lot:)