Presenting two stimulus together

Hello, sorry to bother you again. We are using your IAT but we wanted to add some information to the stimulus. My student wants to add black or white at the top of the picture and I looked at presenting two or more stimulus (from the manual) and when we run it, the words do not remain on the page and then the picture flashes without a response. can you help please? (7.11 MB)

In the Event Editor’s Stimulus tab, click on the Settings… button. A dialog appears. In that dialog, click on the Presentation Options tab. You will find a checkbox labeled Erase screen before presenting stimuli that needs to be unchecked.

Also, for the “Response” event, I suggest you move it towards the bottom of the list to make it easier to re-use with other trials. It also does not need to be using a stimulus list, though it doesn’t hurt.

Thank you for your message. We now have another problem with the IAT that we took from the cedrus website- it keeps freezing and we’re not sure why

Thank you so much


IAT race (7.1 MB)

Sorry to bother you again- I’ve attached the experiment as it wont move forward from the first set of pictures

Thank you

Sample_IAT (7.1 MB)

When you say it keeps freezing, in which particular trial and block does it freeze? I’ve just run the experiment for about 10 minutes until I gave up, but it never froze on me.