Presenting sound context before sound stimuli

I’m working on a matching/ non matching experiment and i’m having a problem in two issues:

  1. how can i present a sound context before a sound stimuli to which participant have to decide if there is a matching or not?
    I was able to do this (by adding the first sound as if it was a cue) but i’m having a problem with the screen presentation. I’m suppose to leave the screen blank, but the instructions don’t disappear from the screen. But if i present a text context instead of the first sound, it works perfect.

  2. How can i present a text context followed by 2 sound stimulus (instead of just 1). Is it possible to Superlab to play 2 sound files as a stimuli before the participant’s answer?

I will appreciate any help!!

Hello Cلtia,

  1. Create two audio events. The first one must wait before the audio finishes before moving on, and it doesn’t look for input.The second event will depend on when you want the participant to respond and what you want the response time to be.

  2. Create a text event. Then, create another blank text event that just erases the screen and does not look for input. After this, you will create your audio event.

If you give me more specifics about your experiment I can help you in more detail. Or, if you wish, you can post your experiment.