Presenting multiple stimulus at the same time

Is there a way to present two different stimulus at the same time e.g. is it possible to pair a picture stimulus with a sound stimulus and present both at the same time?

To produce this effect - following your example - set the picture event to end immediately after presentation via the Feedback tab, with the audio event presenting directly after.

I have tried that but I am randomizing the sound files from a list and so there is no way of knowing which sound stimulus will play so is there a way to have a corresponding text file to the sound stimulus that is played be present on the screen?

If you are pairing items together between different lists, open the Trial Editor, select the List Access tab, select your desired method of randomization, and select Paired:

Make sure the items that you want paired share the same position within their respective lists. The first item in List A will be paired with the first item in List B and onwards.

Is this what you were looking for?