presenting multiple events with one click

I am running to an issue with running multiple events in a single block. I am setting up an experiment which will randomly play different sounds. I have put the sound in one list and link it to a block so that the sounds can be randomize. The problem that I am running into is that after each sound finish playing, i either need to click the mouse or press the keyboard for the next sound to play. Is there anyway to just click once and let the whole block runs by itself? i do not need any specific correct or incorrect response since i will be monitoring the response through the AcqKnowledge program.

Open the Event Editor for your list of sounds. Click the Input tab and then select Immediately after the event is presented:

Next, click the Stimulus tab. Deselect Look for participant input while audio is playing:

Your sounds will now play sequentially without participant input.

Thanks so much! This is just I was looking for.