Presenting Feedback

This experiment demonstrates how to present feedback. The basic idea is to first create the feedback that you want to present, and then to select them in the Event Editor’s Feedback tab.

In this experiment, we created two feedbacks:

  • "Feedback to correct answer" displays the word Correct in green for 400 milliseconds
  • "Feedback to wrong answer" displays the word Incorrect in red 800 milliseconds
These two feedbacks are then used in the events "Word Stims" and "Non-Word Stims".

Other Features of This Experiment

Two stimulus lists are used, one for words and the other for non-words. They can be modified by clicking on the Experiment menu and selecting Stimulus Lists. If you add items to either list, make sure to go back to the Event Editor’s Correct Response tab, select all the list items in the left list, then select the correct response on the right.

The order of presentation is randomized. This is set in the Block Editor’s Randomize tab.


You are not limited to presenting a single event as a feedback. You can present a sound (e.g. a beep if incorrect) with an image, or you can send event markers to an external ERP/EEG device by creating an event of type Digital Output.


SuperLab version 4.0.3 or later.

Using Feedback (Mac version).sl4 (7.29 KB)

Using Feedback (Windows version).sl4 (7.38 KB)

display feedback help

So, I have superlab 4.0, and thus am unable to open this handy file. My problem lies with presenting incorrect feedback (in this case, an annoying beep). I’ve set the trials up to where, if it detects an incorrect response, it should present the annoying beep. However, I’m getting the incorrect response regardless of the input. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

I will contact you via private message in regards to getting you an upgrade to SuperLab 4.5.