Presenting Events Simultaneously

Hello, I was here a few weeks ago to ask a similar question about my program, and I received help that set me in the right direction, but unfortunately did not 100% solve the issue I was having. To reiterate the issue I was having on my last post, I’m trying to present a word and a face at the same time, with the face only lasting 300 ms, and the word remaining for 1700 more ms. The help I received was useful in that I figured out how to use a mask to simply cover the face after 300 ms elapsed, but the issue I’m having now is that the face appears a few ms before the word does. The face is set to disappear immediately, the word is set to last 300 ms, the mask is set to kick in after the word time limit, and I have a stimuli timer that keeps the word lasting the remaining 1700 ms. The gap between when the face and the word present is incredibly small, but big enough that it is still perceivable. When I try instead using the “keep stimulus invisible” option, I can get the face and the word to appear together at the exact same time, but then the mask doesn’t work and the face lasts for the full 2s the word does instead of disappearing/getting covered after 300 ms. Is there an easy fix to this? Thanks!

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