presenting digital output on the 'onset' of the stimulus

I am having a little problem with digital outputs.

The digital output is supposed to come out at the same time the picture is presented, however, there is a bit of delay (about 2 seconds).

I have tried everything I can but couldn’t figure out why theres a delay.
(I also have asked the Acknowledge technician but we concluded that the superlab is the problem)

Thanks in advance.

If the participant does not respond, the delay will actually be a full 3 seconds. That’s because you are presenting the picture first, with a 3000ms time limit.

The solution is to have the digital output events appear before the picture instead of after.

Side note: in the future, if you (or other forum members) want to post experiments that contain disturbing pictures or nudity, we would be grateful if you can post a warning note about that first or send a private message.

Sorry about not noticing it beforehand. I will make sure to post a warning note next time.