Presenting Audio Stimuli Over Several Images


I am creating a experiment that seeks to pair a vigilance task with auditory stimuli in order to elicit involuntary memories.

Ideally, participants would see an extended series of simple slides (horizontal and vertical lines) while simultaneously hearing a series of excerpts from popular songs. If the participant experiences an involuntary memory, I would like for them to be able to respond on the keyboard, interrupting the audio and slides while they record the memory, and then have a subsequent response resume the task.

The primary issue I am having is getting the audio and video to present simultaneously and repeatedly (I would like a new slide to appear every 1.5s and a new song clip to play every 30s). Is it possible to have audio and images present in this manner simultaneously, essentially independent from each other? I attempted presenting the audio and images together as one movie file, but the issue with that is I am unable to make the video pick up from where it left off after interrupting it with a response. I also considered making either just the slides or just the audio a movie file and presenting the other simultaneously in a stimulus list, but I don’t think that SuperLab will allow me to present any other type of stimuli simultaneous with a movie file (except perhaps text). Can anyone think of any work-arounds for this?