Presenting an event on various sides of the screen

I am constucting an experiment and I need my probe item to appear on the left side of the screen on half of the trials within my stimulus list and the right side of the screen on the other half of the trials within in the same stimulus list. I have been able to change the position of the item, but I am not sure how to make this item appear in various locations within the block of trials. In other words, the way I have the experiment currently set up, the item always appears on the left.

I would appreciate any suggestions, thanks in advance!

Hi Tina,

It sounds like the trial variables feature would be a natural for your experiment. You create one by clicking on the Experiment menu and choosing Trial Variables. A dialog appears. You can create a new one of type “Location”, add as many locations as you need (it sounds like you only need two in your experiment), and tell SuperLab to randomize them.

Once you’ve created the trial variable, edit the event. In the Stimulus tab of the Event Editor, click on the Settings button and set the position to be your variable instead of a fixed position.