presentation of stim list

Hi, I have a question about the presentation of stimulli list.

I have several events linked to one trial and one of them is a stim list. I’m wondering whether words in the stim list will be presented one by one with other events linked to that trial?

Also as for the response pad, I have a RB-830. But seems it is not plug-and-play device since the system was trying to search for the software to install RB-830. Is that so?


Hi Min,

If your stimulus list has, say, 20 items, this will result in 20 trials being presented. To get an accurate idea of how SuperLab will handle it, click on the Experiment menu and select Expand Events That Use Lists. This will open a new window with your events and trials converted to using a single list item. You can make changes to the new window and save it, but I don’t recommend that you do so since those changes will not be reflected in the original experiment.

Regarding the RB-830 response pad, it needs a USB driver that can be found at No, it’s not plug-and-play because it wouldn’t be accurate.