Present stimulus, get two responses


I’m trying to figure out how to get multiple responses to a single stimulus.

My trial includes a list of audio files, a text event prompting the participant to rate the audio file for Trait 1, and a second text event prompting a rating on Trait 2 (see attached SL file).

As is, the data doesn’t indicate which audio file the participant is responding to (only the text event, which is always the same). Is there any way to remedy this?

If I was collecting one rating it would be no problem, as I could have participants respond to the audio file itself. And I can’t play the audio file twice as there are multiple files, all 30s+.


baub ex.sl4 (10.3 KB)

For your audio file, you have the event ending option set to Immediately after the event is presented. Change this to end on a time limit, I would do 1 ms. This will cause SuperLab to record the name of the event.

Thanks, Monika.