present sentences word by word

Dear all,
We are trying to set up an ERP-experiment in which we present sentences word by word. We can’t find a way to do this using lists (as we need to set markers for individual words). That is right now, we define each word in the event list and given that we need to include a blank screen after each word, we have a huge amount of blank screen events within one trial as well (i.e. a 10 word sentence consists of 10 word events and 9 blank screens plus a cue event --> 20 events per trial and we have 200 trials). Is there any way to program this in a more efficient way?
Any help appreciated,

Unfortunately, SuperLab is not able at present to create a list of Event Markers.


Has there been any update on how to do this more efficiently in newer versions of superlab? This way of setting things up is very error prone and highly time consuming.


Yes, this is now possible in SuperLab 5. Under the Experiment menu then Stimulus list, there is an option for Digital Output. You can make one list for words and one for digital output. Then, within the Trial Editor and under the List Access tab, you would select the “Paired” option.

Thank you - that seemed to do the trick.