Present multiple probes during an event

Hi there,

I want to present a blank screen for 5 minutes, during which the participant’s response is recorded (no problem here). But then I need 10 different “probes” to pop up DURING this 5 minute event. This will consist of some text, asking a question which the participant needs to answer. Following the probe and the participant’s response, I need it to go back to the blank screen. Each of the probes need to appear a certain time after the beginning of the block.

I tried to do this using multiple events, with alternating “blank screen” and “probe” events, but I am having trouble with the timing, as I can only get the event to appear for a certain period of time or following a response from a participant, I cannot seem to get the block timing to interrupt the event at the end of 5 minutes.

Does anyone know if this is possible and how I could go about it?


I have attached an experiment to this post.

Probes are presented through trial rules. The block loops and the Blank event ends immediately; this allows trial rules to be assessed very often which means we can keep track of time very often.

probes.sl5 (4.31 KB)

This is great, however is there some way to time the probes from the start of the block instead of the start of experiment? The option is there but it does not seem to work.

Yes; see in the attached experiment that I’ve added a timer parameter which the trial rules now respond to. The timer should be started just before the block is presented, i.e. at the end of the preceding block.

probes.sl5 (5.4 KB)