Present image and Quicktime movie simultaneously

Is there any methods to present image and quicktime movie simultaneously?

I’m trying to show the background image with selections and facial expression movie simultaneously, but in movie section there is not ‘hiding image’ option for show them simultaneously.

There is an experiment posted on the following thread that will be very helpful to you:

Dear Monika

Thanks for your link.

I opened it up and examined it around.
But couldn’t find any hint for present image and movie simultaneously.

I’m trying to present an black image with symbols (800x600) and quicktime movie(50x50) simultaneously. (the position of movie is middle of image)

Following the experiment you’ve attached, the image always presented slightly before the movie.

If technically,It is impossible to present both simultaneously, I have to re-render the bigger(800x600) movies containing the symbols.

thanks always. : )

In SuperLab you cannot draw/display a marker on top of a movie. If there is some kind of fixation cross that needs to be inside where the movie is playing, then you need to edit the movie itself and put those images/symbols into the movie.