Prepulse Inhibition using Superlab 4.5/Biopac MP35?

I am a graduate student attempting to create a basic experiment in hopes of showing the basic tenants of a pre-pulse inhibition (PPI) model to an intro physio psych course. Although there are already instructions on how to do this via a .pdf offered by Biopac’s website:

…it references the use of Superlab, which we have. However, I think it may be referring to an older model (We have Superlab 4.5).

After reading the tutorial and other relevant sections of the manual I attempted to create a program which would meet my needs. So far although I cannot find any errors in my links, uploaded files, etc. when I run the experiment it closes directly after the Instruction screen.

I feel like the experiment is pretty simple: 1 block(I’m excluding the intro “slide”), 20 trials, 3 possible stimuli randomly put forth a set number of times(pulse;5 trials, prepulse+pulse;10 trials, & no stimuli;5trials), and a serial cord allowing it to communicate with Biopac’s MP35 unit so that I can record measurements of startle via electrodes. The finer points like the latency between pre and post pulse I believe I can set, but otherwise I’m finding a lot of resistance to the program, which I’m assuming is attributed to myself.

How can I set up this experiment most efficiently?

And what are the steps to allowing my PCI-DIO24 card to communicate with my Biopac software beyond the first short paragraph on page 19 of the manual?

Any thoughts, assistance, etc. anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated!

Have you set up your Digital Output Event and selected your PCI-DIO card next to Device? If not, I think this might be the issue for your experiment not running. You would need to create a new event, then select Digital Output for your event type. Once you have done this, you will select your PCI-DIO card next to Device.