Postpone response to movie stimuli


I’m running an experiment where I present participants with a long list of video segments, each with a duration of 13 seconds. I want to give participants the freedom to respond while the video is still playing, but only after a time-limit. I wonder if it is possible to dictate that Superlab should look for a response only after a certain time has passed (say 5000 ms). The presentation options enable me to stop the movie when the event ends, but the input section in the event editor does not allow for this particular scenario - as far as I can understand. Any better ideas?


You can do this by having two events linked to the same trial. The first event would be your movie and the second can be a blank text event. Under the Input tab for you movie event, have it end after 5000 ms. For your second event, make sure it’s not erasing the screen (which can cause flickering). To change the setting for erasing the screen, go to the Stimulus tab, then Settings, and click on Presentation Options within the Event Editor. Have the blank text event end after 8000 ms.