Possible to Play Audio Continuously throughout Presentation of Stimulis List Items?

Hello. Is it possible within a single trial that is linked to a stimulus list event, to have a 30 min audio playing continuously? I’ve tried it but with each new list item, the audio re-starts rather than continues to play. Similarly, is it at all possible to have an audio recording to play across trials (continuously). The only thing I’ve been able to do is to set up a 2nd pc and play the audio from a separate player, but this involves the experimenter being present, etc.

Any suggestion would we welcomed.


Yes, this can be done.

The reason it’s restarting for you is because you have it inside the trial that links to the stimulus list. Therefore, you have multiple copies of the same event linked to the same audio file. Every time this event starts, the audio starts over.

The trick is to have the trial that starts the audio before your trial that links to a stimulus list event. If you are randomizing trials in your block, then you should either put this trial in a separate block or in a macro that’s run at the start of your block.

Note that once an audio file continues playing beyond the end of its own trial, the only two things that will stop it are the end of the audio file or the end of the experiment. The audio file will not repeat.

So there’s no way to set it up so that the audio file plays at the beginning of the task, and ends when all the stimuli in that list ends? To add a further complication, what if I want the audio file to keep playing for the span of 3 events?

Yes, SuperLab should be able to to have the audio file keep playing as long as it’s part of the same trial.

You can have your audio file play for three events by adding a blank audio file. Make sure to use the event type audio file. The event type sound file is enable to specify a time limit.