Plug-ins and video on superlab

Hello everyone!!

I need some help on the superlab. I’m having difficulties in putting videos on the experiment. When I launch the program one warning appears: “there are one ore more plugins errors…some functionality may not be available”.

Usually I proceed and I try to run the experiment and then another error occurs saying: “in-dio 24” is not a superlab plugin".

I have got two computers with windows Xp anda Windows Vista. The problem only occurs on the Windows Vista computer. I´ve already instaled codecs (K-Lite Mega Codec Pack Setup) and i’m using the right extension file on the videos.

After instaling codecs, I already can obtain sound on the video but not a image.

What do you suggest to resolve the problem?

Thank you for your help.


Cلtia Oliveira

This sounds like an installation issue. If I remember correctly, the “in-dio24” file is a SuperLab 2 plug-in, not SuperLab 4.0. In this case, reinstalling SuperLab 4.0 over the same folder will not be sufficient to solve the problem because the installer does not delete previous files. You will probably need to delete the contents of the plug-ins folder (within your SuperLab 4.0 folder) and then reinstall.