Please help with interval scales

Hi Hisham,

I’m afraid that you might not see my question and sample test attachment, so I post it here again with some compromise.

Hi Hisham,

I have attached a sample test experiment with this post. The problems I have so far are as follows:

  1. I set up “After any response from the participant” as the participant input for instruction 1,2 and 3. It worked, but when I set up other participant inputs for other events, it does not work anymore. I cannot find out what the problem is;
  2. I don’t know how to create on-screen interval scales for the events “Importance questionnaire,” (which I want to put on the same screen), “Brand evaluation,” and “Purchase behavior.” That’s why I just made them look like those in online surveys and this is only for you to understand what I want to do. There also should be check circles below these numbers (1-5). If it is impossible for SuperLab to do such work, appearing these eight statements one by one with the 5-point scale (with key pressing input) is still good. In this case, could you please instruct how to create participant input (that is, when being exposed to each statement with a 5-point scale on the screen, participants can press one of 5 number keys–from 1 to 5–to rate the statement, and any other key pressing should be set as invalid)
  3. I set “y” or “n” key as participant input for the event “Statements for attitude expression,” but I’m not sure if it is correct since I couldn’t test it.
  4. The event “Statements for attitude expression” was created as a stimulus list. Specifically, there are 8 items on the list. How do I fix the item appearance order of the first 4 items and randomize the rest 4 items.

I’m desperate now. Please help!
Thank you so much!!!

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