Please help! (Staying up-to-date with no Internet)

Hi everyone,

Our lab is setting up SuperLab 5 software on two of our computers. One of these devices does not have internet and this poses an issue. We are wondering…

Will there be any challenges to keep the software updated and so forth without an internet connection? Also, will we have any problems regarding staying up-to-date on bugs and/or issues that the new software may encounter?

Does anyone have any recommendations to combat this problem? Will we be able to download the update(s) onto a computer with internet and use a flash-drive to transfer these updates onto our computer that does not have internet?

Any solutions or comments would be gratefully appreciated!

Thanks everyone!

There are two aspects to not having the computer on the Internet: licensing and software updates.

SuperLab 5 can be activated for up to one year at a time. On the computer that has no Internet access, once a year you will either need to connect it to the Internet to renew the activation, or transfer license information through a USB flash drive.

Regarding updates: yes, you can always download the installer and transfer it via USB flash drive as well. You will still get notifications about new updates automatically from the other computer that is on the Internet.


Thank you very much for replying so quickly and promptly. This was very helpful! My professor spoke very highly of you! I now know why. Thank you!

Thank you!