Please Help me set it up.

Hello clewer and smart people, am trying to set up an experiment on superlab 4.0, but noone seams to be able to help me, or to tell me if its even possible.

The experiment consists of participants listening to “two auditory stimuli” at the same time, so in one ear they need to be able to hear a song I have chosen (either a familiar or unfamiliar music or no music group) while in the other ear they will hear 3 narrated passiges in a counterballanced order…


3 passiges, and three variables, participant might hear passige 1, and familiar song, or passige 2 and unfamiliar song, passige 3 and no music,…

and should make a response of any kind (thats possibel with the program) to confirm hearing words “the” & “and” in the passiges, (about 10 words per passige).

Is this possible with super lab, if not could someone suggest another way of doing it or partly doing it on SL, (maybe I can set up the music to play on a sterio use 1 inear headphone to deliver that, and the program could play the narrated passiges and record responses from participants?)

Please please help, my whole life depends on organising and getting this to work?

SuperLab does not have the ability to direct a sound file to play on one channel, e.g. right ear, and a second file on another channel. However, if you use a sound editor to prepare a dual track (stereo) sound file, each track in the file will go to a separate ear automatically.

Lost Student

Thank you for that advice, that is excatly what I did, however I am now delivering the audio from a different device, not connected to superlab, but I still need the program to record responses.

One of the files is a narated passige with about 50 “and” & “the” words for which the participants have to look out for, thus when the program starts, the audio will start (on cd player), and lets say at seconds 2, 7, 13, do those words apear in the file, and participants are given 1 second to respond to them so between 2-3, 7-8, 13-14th second if they click the left mouse button it is a correct responce, if they click at any time between those seconds it is ignored or counted as incorect.

I tried linning up “events” each lasting an apropriate amount of time, so lets say the second event begins at second 2, ends at second 3, and if they click the mouse at that time it counts as correct, while events inbetween just have a time period but responces are ignored. but I am doing something wrong as nothin seams to work :((

I know am asking for a lot for someone to spend time helping me with this without even knowing me but please do if you can, my life really depends on this, if I can sort this project out I can finnish my finnal year and set my life back on track.

PS: please excuse the spelling mistakes and if I am not being to clear, but English is my forth language and am very very tired and depresed from worring about this.

THANK YOU ALL for your time and any help you can offer!!