Please help me!! Manipulation of random events


I have a real problem with randomizing the events in a trial. Someone else asked exactly the same question as me but it has not been answered yet.

In my experiment I want to present pairs of stimuli a) a photo (with a question)
b) a face (with a question)

The events have to occur in this order but the pairing must be random. I clicked on Randomise the trials in this block and selected the pairs myself, which meant programming the stimuli in as individual files rather than as a whole folder, but this does not randomise the events individually. I would really like to know whether it is possible to randomise the events individually but maintain the pattern stated above.

I really need help because I have to find a solution to the problem quickly

Many thanks,


This thread should be helpful to you:

Thanks very much for your help. Your experiment was very helpful and I was sure I had followed all necessary stages but I’m still having problems.
When I run the experiment, the first prime (a) photo e.g. a cute cat) comes up and then I respond appropriately to the question. Then the next event is a face (b) which is perfect. But then superlab continues to show faces from the same list and won’t shift back! What do you think I may have done wrong? I have superlab 4.8.0 so I have a suitable version to make it work.

I would try going through all your settings to make sure everything was entered correctly.