Playing videos, then audio background


I am attempting to build an experiment and I have searched the forums for info, but cannot find an answer to my question.

My experiment involves participants watching 10 video clips, which I would like to be presented in random order, for a total duration of about 50 minutes. Now here is where I’m having trouble:

At 10 minutes after the beginning of the experiment, I would like to introduce a 30 minute period of “operant conditioning” where a countdown timer will begin running down for 60 seconds. If the timer reaches zero before a correct response, I want to introduce an sound clip to prompt the participant for a response. If the correct response occurs, I simply want the countdown to restart back at 60 seconds. I want this to occur all while the videos continue to be presented in random order. Finally, I want this conditioning to end after 30 minutes/with 10 minutes remaining of the videos.

Currently I have two blocks created; the first with the videos as individual events under one trial. The second block has two trials; one has an event that is the “silence” .wav file and the other is the “beep” that I want to run, if the correct response does not occur in the first trial.

I’m not sure if this is completely clear, but basically I am wondering how I can run audio files while these movies are being presented, with this feedback loop. I can upload the experiment if this is helpful.

Thank you!

This experiment looks similar to a bimodal experiment which SuperLab cannot currently do. Another limitation is the countdown timer which is not a built in feature at present.

sequence of stimuli

I am trying to build an experiment with images. In every step the participants will see a sequence 0f 3 stimuli (650 ms for a stimulus with 250 ms isi) and afterward they will have 1000 ms gap and then they will see another sequence of 3 stimuli. In the end of the step they will have to choose the first sequence or the second one. I can’t find a way to present in every step 2 different sequence.
I will really appreciate any help