picture w/sound & 3 pictures simultaneously

How do I set this up in Superlab, been trying for weeks, can’t get it to run…

  1. Prime: I want a picture & sound (see picture of cat, hear word cat). Disappear. RT to start.
  2. Target: Subject will see 3 pictures simultaneously and say a word that rhymes with one of the three pics via voice key (see pictures of bat, car,girl). RT to end after subject says a picture.
  3. Continue with experiment.

Question 1: How can I set this up in Superlab? 2) Is there a way to randomize the primes & targets? If so, how do I set this up? 3) Can I also randomize the 3 simultaneous pictures? I want each 3 pics to be in a horizontal row (A,B,C) but for each subject to see the pictures be randomized (B,A,C or C, B,A). If so, how do I set up?
4) How do I set the reaction timer to start at the off-set of the prime (picture & sound)?

  1. see following answers

  2. What are you wanting to randomize? Some of the other things you’re asking seem to imply that you want a specific set of three targets grouped with a specific prime. If this is the case, randomizing trials in the block will probably get you where you want to go.

  3. This sounds like you’re randomizing the positions–not the pictures themselves. Therefore, yes, you can do this with Trial Variables. You will need to create a screen location trial variable with three positions on the screen. Note that (0,0) is the center and that the lines in the grid show up every 50 pixels. You’ll want “Random With No Replacement” for your level selection, and you probably want to tell it to randomize the levels before the start of each trial.

  1. Ah. Well. The best route here depends on whether your audio stimuli have different lengths. If they do, then you’ll want to present your picture and THEN your sound. The reason for this is because if the sound comes last, you can get its offset. If it’s playing asynchronously, you can only get its onset.

I’ve attached a sample experiment. This experiment only uses text and has no audio event, but there should be enough here to get you started.

Things to note:

  • The block randomizes trials
  • The trial does NOT randomize events (this is the default)
  • There are four stimulus lists. Including audio, you'll have five.
  • I put a time limit on the prime to simulate waiting for an audio event. Yours will end immediately.
  • The "erase screen" event is technically not necessary. Your audio event will reset the RT timer, and "target a" can be set to erase the screen.
  • Take careful note of the "Presentation Options" in the stimulus settings for the three target events. Explained quickly: only the first can erase the screen, and all but the last should choose "keep stimulus invisible." All but the last end immediately, and as a result of these combined settings, all three stimuli appear on the screen at the same time.
  • Note the "Screen Location" trial variable. It's also referenced under the three target events' stimulus settings (position tab).
  • I set this up using keyboard input instead of the voice key, so your correct responses will also be different.

I hope this helps to get you started. If you need more detail on anything, just let me know!

Emmylou.sl4 (6.66 KB)

pic w/ sound and 3 pictures simultaneously

Thank you Hank, I was able to get this started but still have some problems.

  1. For some odd reason, I can’t create several new picture stimuli lists in the event editor. I keep getting only one picture stimuli list, can you tell me how to create new picture stimuli lists?

  2. I’m still having problems getting three pictures to be shown simultaneously. I can get you text, the sample to be displayed altogether but when I try to insert pictures, it doesn’t seem to work. Can you send me a sample of how you’d do this with pictures instead of text?

  3. You are correct about randomizing the position of the target pictures. How do I prevent the pictures from overlapping?

Thank you so much, I think I’m almost there!