Picture stimuli to fit the screen


I am unsure about how to make picture stimuli fit the screen. I have selected a fixed location (upper right hand corner) for photos to appear but they never fit exactly into the screen’s upper right hand corner. Instead, they only appear in the ‘general’ upper right hand side but are still too central. What should I do?

Also, when I go into “stimuli” then settings, I set the photos to “use original picture frame”, which seems to chop the heads off half the people in the photos. I’ve tried to “Specify a frame size” which makes the photos fit better but distorts the faces of people in them. Is there a general way around this?

I would really appreciate help as I have not been using superlab for very long.



Regarding your second question, this has to do with the file size of your picture. Try cropping it before you import into SuperLab, or finding a file that is smaller. This should fix your problem with the location on the screen as well. If it does not, please let me know.

Thanks monika, that solved my problem:)