picture-sentence verification task

Can anyone tell me how to program a picture-sentence verification task with self-paced listening? I have the audio files segmented.

Thanks !!

Do you want the picture and audio displayed simultaneously?


In the picture-verification with self-paced listening task, learners first see a picture on the computer screen for 2500ms. Then they listen to a sentence in a segment-by-segment fashion by pressing a button while the picture remains on the computer screen. Can I do this in SuperLab?

Yes, this is possible in SuperLab. First I would recommend putting your audio files into a stimulus list. When in the Stimulus List Editor, select what event type to use your files with, I suggest selecting Sound File.

Once your stimulus list is built, create a new Sound Event. Here you will be able to select the stimulus list that was created earlier. Keep Wait for sound file to finish playing selected. Then under the Input tab, select After any response from the participant.

Create another Event for your picture file. Under the Input tab select, Only after a time limit. Make sure you link both the sound and picture event to the same Trial.


Thanks a lot for your help. I will follow the steps and see if this works. :slight_smile: