I use Measurement Computing PCI-DIO24H for digital output. This DIO has three ports and SuperLab4.0 sets the port A for digital input and the port B for digital output by default. I want to use two ports (Port B and Port C) for digital output but I cannot change this setting.

In the event editor, the “SetUp” button is disabled so that I can not enter the Device I/O setup (When other device (e.g. NI DAQcard-DIO-24) is selected, “Setup” button turns to be available").I tried to edit directly the hardware configuration file in the Plug-Ins/Config folder. By editing the configuration file, Port C can be selected in the event editor (“Setup” button remains disabled). But actually, even if I set the port C for digital output in the event editor, port C does not work.

Is there a way to change the default setting of MCC PCI-DIO24 ?
Thank you for your time.

Alas, SuperLab currently support only Port B of the I/O cards.

Thank you for your comment. If so, I have to give up to use SuperLab for my project and to create a program to control this IO card…