Pausing an experiment

Hello everybody,

I am working on an experiment designed for kids as young as three. I want to be able to pause the experiment at any point the child asks for a break and resume the experiment where I paused (it is not a reaction time experiment). How can I do that?



In SuperLab 5 this is done with a single check-box.

However for your specific case, use the instructions listed below. Also, attached is a small demo experiment showing how this is done.

  • You will need to create an event for the break. In the demo experiment this event is named "Break Event"
  • The "Break Event" will be set to only appear when there is a particular participant response. For example, the experiment attached uses keyboard presses, however I used a mouse-click as the response for the break event to appear
  • One [B]Rule[/B] will be needed under the [B]Trial Editor[/B]. The [B]Rule's[/B] criteria is set to:

    - If the "Last Participant Response is "Mouse Click

    • then

    • “Present” Break Event

  • Also if you look under the [B]Input[/B] tab for the "Break Event" you will see it's set to end on a correct response, which is also a "Mouse Click"
  • The [B]Rule[/B] needs to be used in all trials within the experiment. An easy way to link the [B]Rule [/B]to all trials is to follow the steps below: - In the [B]Trial Editor[/B] under the [B]Rule[/B] tab there is an [B]Edit[/B] button
    • When you click on the Edit button you will see an option to “Attach Rule to Multiple Trials”

    • The next screen will show all trials within your experiment. Click on the Select All button

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