patient response

I am working on a project that has 7 levels with 10 trials per level and 4 events per trial. The subject is required to respond by touching the screen after the audio prompt. One of the levels (5) is not responding to a single touch, instead it requires that the subject touch the screen twice before the next event appears. I have already redone the whole program several times with no success. What is going on? Hisham had already told me that it was probably related to input. I have tried reworking this and have been unsuccessful. I have attached my experiment to see if anyone can help. At this point, I am on a time crunch since I am getting ready to work on my dissertation and need to get this resolved.

Dec. 9. 2008.sl4 (412 KB)

For what it’s worth, this experiment won’t load for me because it requires a “Measuring Computing Devices” plugin.

Greg Shenaut