Path not found --- study starts Monday

Good evening, still Laurene asking for help.

I have 5 computers: 1 mac with a license, 4 windows computers with RunTime.

My SuperLab5 experiment stimuli are stored in different folders. When I transfer the experiment to the computers with the RunTime, the path to the stimuli was lost (see attached file)

I’ve tried the 3 solutions listed on the forum, none of them works:

"1) Internally, SuperLab stores the location of the stimuli in two different formats: relative and absolute, with relative given priority (I think). Prior to copying everything over to your laptop, copy your .sl4 file into the same folder as your stimuli. Launch the experiment from there. It should automatically find all of the stimuli without having to ask (the absolute path still works). Then copy this entire folder over to your laptop. When you reopen the .sl4 file within this experiment, it should automatically find all of your stimuli without asking (the relative path still works).

  1. In the file menu, there is an option to create an experiment package. This will take your experiment file and all of your stimuli and zip them into one big zip file. I haven’t personally tested this with stimuli on different volumes under Windows, so I don’t know what the behavior will be. I hope the person that implemented it did test it. :wink:

  2. You could also just ignore both of the above methods and copy everything over to the laptop. When the SuperLab can’t find the stimuli, it will open up a dialog asking you to find them. Select one and tell SuperLab where it is. All the others are in the same folder, so SuperLab will immediately find them as well. You’re done!"

About#3: This is not a feasible solution, I cannot save the path on the computers with RunTime license


How are you transferring the experiment? are you using the Create Experiment Package feature?

Thanks for coming back to me so quickly, Hisham

I did “create an experiment packet”, but I still have to go find the the files. Having to do it once fore each computer would still be ok, but my changes cannot be saved. I assume this is because I am using Runtime.

What I want to try tonight is the following:
On the one windows computer I have that has a Licence, I will create one single folder with the superlab5 file + all the pictures and sound files, and therefore change the path again.
Then I will copy that folder on the “runtime only” computers, and cross my fingers.

Do you think this is worth trying?

Thank you!

It is indeed a conundrum. You can open in the run-only version but not save the locations.

The approach of using a single folder with the SuperLab 5 file + all the pictures and sound files is a sensible one.