participant input for different events

Urgent! Help!
I want to set up participant input for different events. In my case, I created an instruction as the first event and I wanted my participants to read it and then click on the “next” button to proceed to case summarizing task. In this task, I want to participant to write a short summary for each of a few cases. After finishing each case summarization, participants will click on the “next” button to go to the next case. After all cases have been done, I want participants to evaluate some items on Likert scales. Participants also will need to choose “Y” or “N” key to express their attitudes. So I need to set up different participant inputs for different events. For case summarization task, I set up Keyboard-string input so that participants can type into the summaries. But unfortunately, there are only two options, “For all events” and “Only if an event designates a string input response as correct” under “Show string input’s edit field”. Could any of you help me with this problem? Hank, could you please?

It’s true there are two options: For all events and Only if an event designates a string input response as correct. But the latter one can be made more flexible by creating a response that will take anything.

To do so in the Participant Input dialog:

  • Click on the [B]Response[/B] tab to select it if it's not selected already
  • Click on the [B]New[/B] button to create a new response
  • In the dialog that opens, click on the [B]Open-ended (anything will be accepted)[/B] option
  • Give the response a name and click on [B]OK[/B]
Now in the Event Editor, select this newly created response as the correct one. If I understood your question correctly, this should do it.


it works!

Thanks a lot, Hisham!