parallel presentation

Dear all,

I thinking to buy SuperLab to write one psycholinguistic experiment. I have to be sure that SuperLab is able to build it because my laboratory already have another program and I can’t buy another one if I’m not sure that it is the right one.
So I have a question about SuperLab language:
I need to present visual stimuli, the subject have to press a button to pass to the next visual stimulus. Simultaneously he have to hear a wave file. Wave file have to start with a delay X since the onset of one stimulus but it have to run also after that the button is pressed. The problem with other programs is that they have some difficulty to control event running in parallel. In my experiment subjects responses are linked with visual stimuli while wave file have to run independently. Is it possible with SuperLab?

Thank you in advance for your help,

best regards,

Nicola Spotorno

Dear Nicola,

SuperLab allows a audio and/or movie file to play continously as the experiment goes on. The questions I have is, what exactly is meant by “delay X?” If it’s constant, you can put the delay in the audio file. This is easily done in SuperLab.

If it isn’t constant, setting it up will become more complicated.