parallel and serial port support in OSX

Dear Cedrus,

Does superlab 5 for OS X supports native parallels and serial port I/O or, still support only the hardwares in the List?

Due to delay and unstableness of USB-DAQ,
I’m wondering about connect PCIe card supporting parallel and serial signals like

via Thunderbolt PCIe extensions like this.

In my knowledge, thunderbolt is less-cpu dependent and might be more accurate in I/O timing.

I want to know if there some work around for using general parallel or serial devices.

The parallel port is not supported. However, the serial port is supported for output in the Event Editor and there is support for input, though not as a general purpose input. For example, Lumina MRI Pads, PST Serial Response Box, SV-1, and RB Series Earlier Model Pads are all serial port devices.