Overlaying graphics

I have several faces on the foreheads of which I would like to place a colored strip (either red, brown, blue, gray or green). What I’ve done at this point is to make 5 different image files for each of the 5 faces I have, one for each differently colored block, 25 separate images altogether. This is somewhat cumbersome, but gets the job done!

As an alternative to that method, I have created jpg’s of the small strips of color, and have a jpg for each of the five faces. I’d like to be able to overlay the colored strip on top of the image of the face, if that is possible. This way I could show a face with a randomized color without so many files. I am not sure how I can do this, if this post makes sense, or if what I want is possible.

Any input is greatly appreciated,

You can do this, but depending on what determines your correct response, it could complicate your experiment in other ways.

Since you’ve already created the files, I’m inclined to recommend that you keep it that way.

However, in order to properly answer your question, this is actually covered in the SuperLab help files. What you’re looking for is the “How Do I Present two images simultaneously” page. In your case, you would have extra work in that you can’t drag-and-drop the colored strip where you want it–you’ll have to figure out the positioning and enter the numbers yourself. The grid is helpful for this. (0,0) is at the center of the screen, and the lighter lines are drawn every fifty pixels.