Output of Tags in Dataset


I have just used tags for the first time which are wonderful! One question is whether or not I could have the “(trial)” removed from the output. For example, I created a tag called “Intensity” which has values of 0-100. What I want is for the column of data to be called Intensity with those values. Instead I have


0 (trial)
10 (trial)
20 (trial)


Is there anyway to address this? It’s a small issue (I can find-replace) but perhaps there is an easy fix?


Joshua Green
Graduate Student
University of Connecticut

I’m glad you appreciate the tags feature. :slight_smile:

I created a short experiment to try and duplicate what you described, but I wasn’t able to. The intensity tags were saved without being followed by “(trial)”. I’ve attached the experiment and resulting data.

What software did you use to view the data? Also, you are welcome to post the experiment and I’ll take a look at it.

Intensity tags try.sl5 (4.16 KB)

Intensity tags data.txt (446 Bytes)

My earlier reply was not 100% correct.

By default, “(trial)” is not appended. However, it will indeed be appended if the experiment settings have left room for some ambiguity about where the tag originated. Appending “(trial)” clarifies that is was a trial that bore the tag, not an event.

If you post the experiment, we may be able to suggest changes that will cause the “(trial)” to no longer appear.

similar problem

Hello Hisham (or anyone else). I have what seems like a somewhat similar problem.

Each photo in my stimulus lists was given 3 tags (one for each of three different tag sets). A correct response is based on a key press corresponding to the tagging from one of those 3 tag sets. The other two tag sets designate information about the photo that will be analyzed in relation to rates of correct/incorrect responses.

When I look at the data after practicing the experiment, the designation of each recorded response as correct/incorrect is accurate but the tag labels are weird. Specifically, many of them note two conflicting labels for each response-- one for the event (which is correct) and one for trial (which is incorrect). For example when a tag should just say “Neutral” Cedrus data viewer says “Neutral (event) Happy (trial).” Some recorded responses have this duplicate incorrect listed tag for all three tag sets, some for just one or two. I don’t know where the tags that say they are tied to a trial are coming from. How do I get rid of the trial tags and just keep the event tags?

Can you post the experiment?

Thanks for offering to look at the experiment. I actually figured out how to just get the output I wanted. Before, I had duplicate events to display stimulus lists multiple times (instead of looping trials) and events contained multiple stimulus lists (so that I had less lists and tagging). I re-arranged and made more lists so that each event only uses 1 list and I looped trials instead of duplicating events. I now just have the output that I wanted.