Order of events

i have an experiment with 2 phases:
phase 1, where say image 1 comes up…stays for n secs…followed by grey screen for n secs…followed by image 2…and so on for, say 30 images.
1.I have created 30 events for 30 images.I want them to come up in a particular order in a given Trial.What do I do? When I link events to a trial, does it have to do with the order of linking? If so, how does a new event fit somewhere in the middle of the sequence?
2.Also, after an image stays for n secs, I am putting a grey image for n secs, followed by another test image, followed by grey screen,etc etc.So, the grey screen really is repeated alternatively.Right now, I guess I have to make as many grey screen images and name them separately and then put each of them in, in between 2 images.But is there a cleverer way , by using only 1 grey screen image file event?

Absolutely! Instead of creating one trial with 30 images, you create 30 trials, each with only one image. SuperLab offers a method of simplifying this process called “Stimulus Lists.” Basically, you would create one trial, one gray screen event, and one image event. The image event would use the stimulus list instead of a specified file. When you run the experiment, this will be expanded into 30 trials, one for each file in the stimulus list. If the help documentation on stimulus lists isn’t enough, feel free to ask more questions.

As far as ordering, blocks, trials, and events run in the order they appear in the main experiment window (unless randomized or otherwise specified), starting at the top and working down.