Odd-Ball visual

good afternoon
I want to do a task of visual Odd-ball and I’m having trouble running properly, not exactly I am doing wrong. (Release 5 Superlab).
I realized with a block. I configured two Trial and in each I placed the proportion of occurrence of frequent and infrequent stimuli. Randomize stimulos list items acroos trials.:confused:

Odd-ball test.sl5 (3.99 KB)

Attached is a demo of an auditory Odd-ball experiment done in SuperLab 5. It still should be helpful even though you are doing a visual Odd-ball experiment. The experiment uses Tags Sets with Tag values of “high” and “low.” You can see how the Tag Sets are used under the trial “Oddball task” within the When to Present tab.

Auditory Oddball Task.zip (11.5 KB)