number of events in each block


im having a problem with getting my experiment to present the number of events i wish it to. I want there to be a set of instructions followed by 20 events, so i have an instructions trial, which contains the event “instructions” and then my next trial consists of 20 events. However when i run the experiment, varying numbers of events are presented in the trial (anything from 20 to around 40). How do i make it so there is only these 20 events presented once each?




Are you using any form of feedback on any of the events? Are you using a stimulus list? Barring the possibility of a bug, these are the only things that come to mind that could affect the number of events in a trial (or the expectation of events in a trial).

Without seeing the experiment, I’m not sure what else to tell you.


thanks, yes i was using feedback and this was causing the trial to start again each time a wrong response was entered, ive solved the problem now. thank you